Four years later the family of Alpha Kappa Omega, inspired by their success, wanted to continue and spread their legacy onto another campus. With the help of Albert Austria, they brought the idea of Alpha Kappa Omega to his blood brother, Aris Austria, who at this time planned to attend San Jose State University as a freshman. With the chance to become a chapter founder of Alpha Kappa Omega Fraternity Inc., Beta Chapter, and spread the ideals of the Katipunan, Aris had to search for four other individuals willing to embark on the same journey with him. 

Of the five individuals that began the intake process, only four dedicated themselves to finish. On January 21, 2001, Ted Miranda, Marius Banatao, Jeffrey Amboy, and Aris Austria crossed into Alpha Kappa Omega alongside the Alpha Chapter, Epsilon Class into their respective families. This accomplishment fueled and motivated them to accomplish recognition on San Jose States campus as a legitimate fraternity. 

The Four Horsemen, as they were called, established the Beta Chapter on April 4, 2001.

Since the establishment of Beta Chapter at San Jose State, this brotherhood has managed to accumulate a significant amount of accolades over the years. The unparalleled nature of this brotherhood has been recognized as one of the top houses on campus and the bond shared between its members is easily evident.

From Fraternity of the Year, to Best in Council, and even three-time intramural basketball champions, this is the foundational standard the brotherhood strives to maintain. Alongside these astounding records, the Beta chapter of Alpha Kappa Omega has also been crowned winners of various national philanthropies - Alpha Omicron Pi’s Mr. Greek for the Arthritis Foundation and Kappa Delta’s Shamrock Showcase to raise awareness for child abuse.