Beginning in 2013, Alpha Kappa Omega decided to once again introduce their lessons to another university with the goal of expanding the brotherhood across the Bay Area and educating other collegiate men about the teachings of the Katipunan. 

On November 23, 2014, four new members attending San Francisco State University crossed into the family of Alpha Kappa Omega. Of these four gentlemen, the Elite Four as they were otherwise known, only one remained active and determined to complete the process of becoming an established organization on SF State’s campus. Immediately after crossing, Francis DeGuzman spearheaded the long and arduous journey of colonization. 

During this time, Gamma Colony successfully crossed 24 members, each with the shared determination to help complete the necessary requirements to achieve chapter recognition on their campus. 

Under the presidency of Mark Thomas Garcia, the brothers of Gamma Colony presented the idea of Alpha Kappa Omega to those part of the United Greek Council on March 14, 2019. They were voted into the council shortly after, allowing them to officially become recognized as the family’s Gamma Chapter.