Alpha Chapter

In 1996, Jeff Genove, Oliver Martin, and Ryan Flores banded together under the concept of Alpha Kappa Omega. Jeff Genove crossed on October 16, 1996. Oliver Martin and Ryan Flores crossed on November 15, 1996. Around that time, they recruited Marlone Tablante at California State University, Hayward. Marlone Tablante crossed on December 19, 1996. From there, Marlone had the responsibility of recruiting enough Cal State Hayward students in order to be recognized on campus. Therefore, Ben Basto, Rich Matela, Vince Macasieb, and Christopher Guillory pledged in as the first founding class under a collegiate banner. With Emerson Binongcal, Malcolm Ganjia, and John Hwang, they later pledged in as the first official Alpha Charters establishing California State University, Hayward as our Alpha Chapter. On March 31, 1997, they decided to incorporate the concept of the Katipunan, and created the foundation to which the founders and charters wanted as the purpose of Alpha Kappa Omega. 

    After founding the organization, they formed four different families within the organization. Alpha Kappa Omega then decided to create a fifth family to resolve conflicts within the organization and help fill the void that was prevailing within the fraternity. The five families created were Strength, Loyalty, Pride, Wisdom, and Courage. Every brother of the fraternity is a representative of one of those five families that forms Alpha Kappa Omega.


In 1997, Alpha Kappa Omega had created a little sister program, in which Angie Portacio, Jerilyn Campos, Janice Yenpasook, Jennifer Villavicencio, and Nicole Fernando were a part of. These five women then later decided to branch off and create a sister sorority with similar and parallel ideas - establishing themselves as Alpha Kappa Omicron. The brothers of Alpha Kappa Omega acknowledge these women for the work and time that they put forth into the family we have created. Without them, we would not be at the status that we are at today, and so we pay our respects to them and let them know that they are appreciated.