Why Fitchburg State

Better place with you in it

You want a good education that will take you places, but you don’t want, or can’t afford, a ridiculously high sticker price.

You’ll pay what you can, apply for grants and keep any debt low.

That’s real value.

You want a full life. And you’re willing to put in the effort to get it.

You like things bite-size and manageable. Places that acknowledge you.

Where you are seen and can easily find others who like what you like.

Those who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

A culture that is open to experiment and discovery.

You are busy—sometimes too busy—but that doesn’t stop you from striving to do more. Often with less.

Already have a job? Sounds familiar.

Need part-time work while here? Let’s talk opportunities.

Eager to study abroad in another country? We speak that language fluently!

We understand how much global experiences will change you in ways you never imagined.

Love to do research? Team up with a professor on an interesting project, even as a freshman.

Get involved.

Maybe sports are more your thing. As a Division III school, team competition and rankings are less intense.

This means you can flex your muscles in the rink or on the field without the pressure of losing ground in the classroom.

We’ll entice you with our postcard-perfect New England-style campus.

Our lush green quad warmly surrounded by hidden activity carved up by brick and glass. It just feels right.

Jibe with our vibe that is welcoming, accepting and inclusive.

Quality. Affordable. Active Learning. New experiences. Opportunities beyond the classroom.

That’s why Fitchburg State.

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